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Senior Pets – Comfort and Mobility

19 Oct 2023
Carson City Clinical

Mobility is a key factor in maintaining the quality of life of senior and geriatric pets. From frailty and muscle weakness to neurological issues, a decline in mobility impact their – and their owners’ – lives. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common issues with senior pets, so early detection and appropriate management is critical. Other neurological and skeletal issues may affect these special patients as well. Standard therapies using NSAIDS and supplements, weight management and exercise can be augmented by physical modalities from laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic fields and shock (acoustic) wave therapy. Environmental management with non-slid runners, ramps for furniture and vehicles, elevated food bowls and orthopedic bedding can also help.

Heidi Lobprise, Veterinary Dental Specialist - Cibolo Creek Veterinary Hospital

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