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Mining Millennials

19 Oct 2023
Business & Practice Operations Theater

It turns out that millennials may be more bonded to their “fur babies” than any generation prior. Data demonstrates veterinary preventive care, thriving practices tend to have a thriving millennials base. The tide is changing and millennials are directing that change. So, who are these millennials and what do they want? In fact, they have a particular affinity for cats. Millennials are eager for targeted veterinary care to meet their needs. It turns out, for starters, that Cat Friendly Practices and the Fear Free initiative may have turned up at just the right time to meet these needs. But if you build it, will be they come? How to market to millennials and communicate with begins with understanding what they’re seeking and why. And surprise, millennials want relationships and might even be intensely loyal if you meet their needs.

Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant - Steve Dale Pet World

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