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Learning to Control the Costs of Technology in Your Practice

21 Oct 2023
Business & Practice Operations Theater

There are generally two types of veterinary hospitals. Those who try to skimp by on cheap computers running them until they barley turn on and those that have built on overkill enterprise level environment with the help of an MSP or managed service provider. Veterinary medicine is in a unique position currently. We are gradually moving our dependence away from the local hardware and leveraging more and more cloud solutions. Thus, how do we find a balance between over built, overly expensive IT environments and those that are pieced together with duct tape and band aids? The good news is, that regardless of the size of your hospital there is a happy medium. Where you can save money and still have a fully functional and productive computers.  

Clint Latham, Director of Veterinary Data Security - Lucca Veterinary Data Security

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