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Can You Still Sell to a Corporate?

20 Oct 2023
Can You Still Sell to a Corporate?

A few years ago there were literally hundreds of corporate buyers bidding to buy good practices.  Lately, word on the street is that Corporate buyers are more selective on which practices they will purchase, if they’re buying at all!  Knowledge is power.   We’ll take a look at what is the perfect practice acquisition target for corporates.  Learn how to make corporate buyers drool over your practice like a dog drooling over hamburger.  Recent changes to corporate models and why larger, multi-doctor practices can still get the highest multiple, but still don’t rule out one doctor practices.

We will examine some real examples of practices that had been passed over, but then the owner made some financial and physical modifications, that have made them more saleable to Corporate buyers.  We’ll also dust off our crystal ball and look at what’s ahead for corporate buyers in 2024 and beyond.

Rod Johnston, Principal and founder - Omni Practice Group

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