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Atopic Dermatitis – The New Paradigm and How it Changes the Way we Treat It - Part 2

19 Oct 2023
Tahoe Clinical Theater

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic frustrating disease for both veterinarians and pet owners. Over the last few years we have come to understand that the disease is not just an aberrant immune response but also a dysfunction of the skin barrier function. By applying this new concept changed our approach to the management of atopic dermatitis. This presentation will give you a step by step approach to diagnosing and managing that pruritic dog. In the past steroids or allergen immunotherapy were our go to treatments but now we have many new options that will be discussed in detail including cyclosporine, oclacitinib, caninized monoclonal antibody (mAb) that targets canine interleukin (IL)-31, a key cytokine responsible for pruritus in canine atopic dermatitis),skin directed therapies such as topical lipid replacement therapy and sublingual immunotherapy

Paul Bloom, Veterinary Dermatologist - Allergy, Skin and Ear Clinic for Pets

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