Seminars 2019


Why Are Performance Reviews so Overwhelming?

Oct 25, 2019
Business Theater

Why Are Performance Reviews So Overwhelming?
Annual performance reviews are an excellent opportunity for employees and management to interact to discuss goals, responsibilities, necessary improvements, kudos, opportunities, and summarize everything from the previous year. No wonder they are overwhelming! They do not need to be - learn about how you can get a handle on performance reviews, how to motivate your team, and why the "tried and true" system of once a year check-ins can and needs to, change.

  • Discuss the importance of employer feedback especially to younger (millennial and younger) employees
  • Outline options for feedback, both formal and informal, and the importance of proper documentation
  • Explore different methods for feedback, both from employer to employee and from employee to employer
Megan Brashear, , Small Animal Veterinary Nursing Manager - Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital