Seminars 2019


The Essential Guide to GI Obstruction: Diagnosis & Treatment

Oct 24, 2019
Clinical Theater 2

Surgical or non-surgical? Enterotomy or resection and anastomosis? In this session, we will discuss how best to navigate the decision points along the way of diagnosing and treating the patient with suspected gastrointestinal obstruction. In addition, surgical techniques designed to effectively resolve the obstruction and minimize the risk of dehiscence will be covered. Special considerations for obstruction due to linear foreign body and intussusception will also be addressed.

  • Make a well-reasoned decision for when a case is surgical or non-surgical
  • Assess bowel viability and chose the appropriate surgical technique for managing GI obstruction
  • Learn techniques that minimize the risk of dehiscence of GI surgical sites
Bonnie Campbell, , Clinical Professor of Small Animal Surgery - Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine