Seminars 2019


Start Now! Veterinary Rehabilitation for Common Orthopedic Conditions

Oct 23, 2019
Clinical Theater 2

Rehabilitation and physical therapy (R/PT) became a key component of the treatment of injuries and chronic diseases in humans in the second half of the twentieth century. R/PT relies on physical modalities, manipulations, and therapeutic exercises promoting balance, proprioception, and sound joint motion and sound muscular activity. R/PT is considered particularly important in the weeks that follow traumatic orthopedic injuries and acute neurologic problems but it is also a critical aspect of the management of chronic orthopedic, neurologic, and other health problems.

  • - Discuss the rationale for rehabilitation in dogs and cats
  • - Discuss problems and situations warranting rehabilitation of dogs and cats
Denis Marcellin-Little, , Professor, Small Animal Orthhopedic Surgery - UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine