Seminars 2019


How are Veterinary Practice Sale Prices changing for Corporate Buyers and Private Buyers?

Oct 23, 2019
Innovation Theater

Discussion will cover the changes in the market place and valuation methods that for some practices may raise corporate buyer prices or may make other small revenue, low doctor count or low adjusted earnings practices be saleable to new corporations or not saleable at all. To understand this we will look at the market place buyers and how a practice is valued on the private buyer, fair market value (FMV) basis or on the corporate market for an investment value. Discussion will cover the very basics of a FMV practice valuation. Corporate buyer prices (investment values) will be looked at from a prediction basis. A short discussion will cover how the veterinary shortage effects all of these issues.

  • Learn what corporate buyers are looking for vs private buyers
Karl Salzsieder, , DVM, JD, CVA - Total Practice Solutions Group, LLC