Seminars 2019


Maximize your practice transition

Oct 23, 2019
Innovation Theater

This is a must-attend session for veterinarian practice owners who are 0-8 years away from a transition. You will learn about the legal, financial, logistical and emotional aspects of transition out of your full-time veterinary practice. Should you sell now, or wait 5 years? Is it better to use a broker, or go it alone? How do I avoid pitfalls in a transition? We'll answer these questions, and more!

  • The sequence of a veterinary practice transition
  • 5 ways to maximize the value of your practice now
  • 10 pitfalls to avoid in a practice transition
  • Who should be on your transition team
Rod Johnston, , Principal and Founder - Omni Practice Group
Joseph Coury, , C.E.O - Omni Practice Group
Jim Vander Mey, , Transition Specialist - Omni Practice Group