Seminars 2019


50 Ways To Lose Your Practice

Oct 25, 2019
Innovation Theater

Taught by a former practice owner and hospital administrator, this webinar is designed to help both Doctors and Managers learn how to easily identify, manage and reduce the biggest headaches occurring in their practice daily. Quick & easy, risk reducing solutions will be provided in the areas of HR, Employee Management, Hiring, Disciplining & Terminating, Malpractice, Finance, Inventory and Controlled Substances.

  • HR issues affecting your practice daily
  • When and how to hire the right clinical and administrative employees & managers
  • Effective new hire training tips and techniques
  • How to reduce malpractice risk
  • Why you are losing money daily in your inventory
  • Effective ways to manage your inventory
  • Easier ways to control your controlled substances
  • 50 ways to reduce your risk and increase your revenue
Jan Woods, , Director of Education & Regulatory Affairs - Cubex LLC