Seminars 2019


Self-Care: Why There Needs To Be an ‘I’ in ‘Team’

Oct 25, 2019
Veterinary Nurse and Technician's Theater
Nursing , Personal Wellness

In this discussion we will discuss the tendency of veterinary professionals to put themselves on the back burner regarding care. We will go over how not practicing and being mindful of self-care contribute to our mental, physical and professional deterioration. We will discuss the romanticism of self-care and how taking a real-life approach betters our chances of succeeding in this field. Then we will come up with ways to create a game plan to implement self-care into our daily lives.

  • Identifying reasons veterinary team members neglect self-care.
  • Understanding the repercussions of neglecting self-care.
  • Create a SMART plan to incorporate self-care into our daily lives.
Jade Velasquez, , Practice Manager - Brookside Veterinary Hospital