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Risky Personnel Practices You Are Doing Every Day

Oct 23, 2019
Business Theater

When you think about it, your daily contact with your team can be rote with legal minefields – from illegal interview questions, missed training opportunities, poor performance review procedures, to non-existent complaint investigations. Many practices do not have the time to cover all the bases when it comes to dealing with the people side of the veterinary business. Create a handbook for your management team with tips, step-by-step actions, and best practices to help them run the business more efficiently and mitigate the risks.

  • Create a management handbook for dealing with practice personnel from hire to fire
  • Craft forms for documenting every personnel issue from hire to fire
  • Flex your coaching muscles by outlining a training program for your front line managers
Louise Dunn, , Founder and CEO - Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting