Seminars 2019


Practice Ownership Transitions & Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Oct 25, 2019
Business Theater

If you are 1-9 years from making a Transition then now is the time to make a plan. Whether you are intending to sell your hospital or to purchase your first clinic, the attendee will gain a better understanding of the process. One study showed that people spend
80 hours planning their entry and only 6 hours planning their exit. This talk will take us through the steps in the process and will review the pros and cons of various approaches to transition plans. Some doctors might initially envision selling their practice to an associate.
Others may picture themselves selling and walking away. Right now we are in a seller's market and this presents an attractive opportunity for the practice owner to create a customized exit strategy based on their individual needs and desires.

  • Improved Exit Strategy & Planning
  • Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Contingency Planning Awareness
Joseph Hruban, , Director - DVM-Transitions.com