Seminars 2019


Mast Cell Tumors, Melanoma, & Beyond: Clinical Approach to Cutaneous Masses

Oct 25, 2019
Clinical Theater 3

Cutaneous tumors are incredibly common in veterinary patients- where to start?! Management of can be challenging given their vast range in behavior. From benign to malignant, therapeutic strategies, staging diagnostics, and prognoses can be quite variable. This talk seeks to simplify the work-up for cutaneous tumors and provide practical guidelines on which tumors are likely to behave more aggressively and when to offer additional diagnostics or adjunctive treatments.

  • •How cats and dogs differ in what’s common
  • •Location can be important!
  • •Routes of metastasis and how this relates to tumor type
  • •To stage or not to stage, when to offer staging diagnostics
Jennifer Willcox, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical Oncology - University of California, Davis