Seminars 2019


Guide to the Equine Field Neurologic Examination

Oct 25, 2019
APHIS, Equine & Farm

During this lecture, we will review the considerations for and components of a complete and systematic neurologic examination in the field. This will include discussion about questions to ask the client about the patient's history that are helpful when developing a thorough differential diagnosis list and descriptions and explanations for various "challenge tests" to augment and identify subtle neurologic abnormalities.

  • *Become familiar with a systematic approach to the field equine neurologic exam
  • *Expand your current fireld neurologic examination with more challenge/stimulation tests to make minor abnormalities more obvious
  • *Learn how to better integrate the signalment, history, physical and neurologic examination findings in order to develop a differential list, diagnostic plan and therapeutic strategy moving forward
Lynn Martin, , CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR - University of Missouri