Seminars 2019


In-House Compounding: Do’s & Don’ts in General Practice

Oct 25, 2019
Clinical Theater 1

Compounded medications are often necessary for providing medications in a dosage form and strength appropriate for each patient. However, news reports make it clear that compounding comes with many risks. This session covers the basic requirements for compounded medications, standards that pharmacists and veterinarians compounding must follow and ways to decrease risk when using compounded medications.

  • - Describe the documentation requirements for in-house compounding
  • - List various resources that can be used for finding formulations
  • - Explain the pros and cons of compounding in-house compared to using a compounding pharmacy
Lauren Forsythe, , Veterinary Pharmacy Coordinator - College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign