Seminars 2019


Haven't got Time for the Pain: Prevention and Treatment of Dental Extraction Complications

Oct 23, 2019
Clinical Theater 2

General veterinary practice provides the opportunity to perform a multitude of dental extractions in dogs. Some are straight forward, while others can be quite challenging depending on the tooth and the size of the dog. This lecture offers “pearls of wisdom” to increase your extraction proficiency and keep your patient safe. This lecture assumes a basic level of understanding for performing surgical extractions in pets. This practical approach to making extractions not only easier for the veterinarian, but also how to prevent extraction complications and various treatment modalities for the common complications

  • - Understand the importance of taking pre and post extraction dental radiographs
  • - Why it is important to section all multi-rooted teeth
  • - Making extracting deciduous teeth easier
  • - The importance of proper flap creation and alveolar bone removal
Gary Goldstein, , Chief Medical Officer - Lakefield Veterinary Group