Seminars 2019


Food Allergy: Dr. Google Debunked

Oct 26, 2019
Clinical Theater 1

An owner walks into a pet store and says, "My dog has....." The response is always "It must be the food." If it is not chicken, it is yeast. But it is never the food currently on promotion. So what are the symptoms of food hypersensitivity? What questions should we ask? How frequent is this disease? And what are the accurate methods needed to prove -- or disprove -- this diagnosis? Is it possible to convince an owner to complete a proper food trial? Can we get grandma onboard and stop feeding table food?

  • What is the cause and symptoms of food hypersensitivity?
  • How can food hypersensitivity be properly diagnosed?
  • How can food hypersensitivity never be properly diagnosed?
Alexander Werner Resnick, , Dermatoloist - Animal Dermatology Center