Seminars 2019


Fiery Felines: How to Handle Your Aggressive Feline Patients

Oct 23, 2019
Clinical Theater 3

Cats can experience high levels of fear, anxiety and stress when brought into the veterinary clinic. It is important for all staff members to recognize signs of fear and anxiety based on the cat’s body language. Working to minimize fear, anxiety and stress should be a cohesive team effort. We will review feline body language and signaling. We will go over simple management techniques that can be utilized right when the cat enters the clinic and through the duration of their stay that help keep cats calmer. The use of positive reinforcement can greatly improve the patient’s visit. We will review the use of appropriate techniques and tools to help us safely handle our fiery felines. The use of calming natural supplements and anxiolytic pharmaceuticals on our feline patients will also be discussed.

  • 1) Be able to read the cat's body language and signaling
  • 2) Learn several different techniques to safely handle cats for veterinary procedures
  • 3) Learn about the use of natural supplements and pharmaceuticals to help reduce anxiety and stress
Wailani Sung, , Veterinary Behaviorist - San francisco SPCA