Seminars 2019


Strategies for Successful Management of Complicated Wounds

Oct 25, 2019
Clinical Theater 1

Impediments to wound healing include necrosis, infection, poor vascularity, and tension. Aggressive wound management may be needed to overcome these factors. Using a framework of clinical cases, we will discuss techniques to address these issues, including assessment of tissue viability, effective lavage, targeted debridement, countering tension, and appropriate selection of the primary contact layer. Attendees will expand their ability to provide effective wound care and achieve faster, more comfortable healing for their patients.

  • • Recognize impediments to wound healing that can be addressed by the clinician
  • • Learn techniques to effectively debride and lavage problem wounds
  • • Select the most appropriate moisture retentive dressing based on wound characteristics
  • • Use stents and pre-tensioning to prepare a wound for ultimate tension-free closure
Bonnie Campbell, , Clinical Professor of Small Animal Surgery - Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine