Seminars 2019


Come Fly with Me: Avian Parasitology

Oct 23, 2019
Clinical Theater 3

There is a dizzying variety of birds that may be encountered in clinical practice. These include parrots, pigeons, doves, canaries, finches, backyard poultry, waterfowl, and a few others. These birds carry an equally diverse array of parasites. This lecture will focus on those parasites that a practitioner is most likely to encounter in a clinical setting. Clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of the most common avian parasites will be covered in enough detail that attendees can immediately put what they learn into practice.

  • Learn the common parasitic diseases of avian species
  • Know how to quickly diagnose and treat avian parasites
  • Learn which medications are legal/illegal to use in pet poultry
Dan Johnson, Owner/Veterinarian - Avian and Exotic Animal Care