Seminars 2019


Bloodwork in Small Ruminants: What to Run & How to Interpret

Oct 25, 2019
APHIS, Equine & Farm
Farm , Equine

This session will review interpretation of the CBC and chemistry, specifically the portions for which interpretation is different for ruminants than other species. We will apply those interpretations using real-life cases.

  • Attendees will be able to:
  • -Interpret the complete blood count in the ruminant, accounting for differences in neutrophil activity in these species.
  • -Interpret the serum biochemistry in the ruminant, accounting for the species differences and importance of values like BUN, creatinine, chloride, and magnesium.
  • -Develop plans for addressing common electrolyte and macro mineral abnormalities.
Meredyth Jones, , Associate Professor - Food Animal Medicine and Surgery - Oklahoma State University/Large Animal Consulting & Education