Seminars 2019


Block Pain Before It Starts: Local & Regional Blocks in Clinical Practice

Oct 25, 2019
Veterinary Nurse and Technician's Theater

The use of local and regional blocks in animals has been documented since the late 1900s. Despite this, the use of these techniques still appear to be underutilized in clinical practice. This presentation will highlight the benefits of integrating local and regional blocks as part of the overall pain management strategy for the patient. It will start with an overview of the local anesthetic drug class and will lead into a discussion about the common local and regional blocks that can be performed in any veterinary practice.

  • 1. Highlight benefit to integrating local and regional blocks
  • 2. Become familiar with the local anesthetic drug class
  • 3. Discuss common local/regional blocks with examples of procedures for which they can be used
Darci Palmer, , Anesthesia Veterinary Technician - Southeastern Veterinary Surgery Center