Seminars 2019


Beyond Opioids: Veterinary Botanicals for Pain Management

Oct 24, 2019
Clinical Theater 3

This talk outlines the basics of herbal products used for pain in animals. The pharmacology of botanical products is omitted from most veterinary medical educational programs, to the detriment of practitioners and those they serve. When a veterinarian lacks awareness about the science of herbs their patients are taking, it places these animals at risk of drug-herb interactions, unpredictable clinical outcomes, and injury from poorly produced products. This lecture includes discussion on the relative safety, efficacy, and applications for commonly employed plants for pain, such as lavender, curcumin, St. John’s wort, cannabis, and more.

  • 1.  Identify general categories of botanical products for pain.
  • 2.  Explain how herbal medicines and medications differ in quality control, contents, and research support.
  • 3.  Describe the mechanisms of action of botanical products for pain problems.
  • 4. Identify clinical scenarios in which botanical products can reduce the need for pharmaceutical analgesics.
Narda Robinson, , Veterinarian, Osteopathic Physician - CuraCore Integrative Medicine & Education Center