Seminars 2019


“It’s Okay… Be Nice…” Canine Aggression During Veterinary Visits

Oct 23, 2019
Clinical Theater 2

Yes, it is o.k. for YOU to be nice to your patients. Being heavy handed when restraining our canine patients is often unnecessary. When more pressure is forced upon our patients that are frequently fearful and stressed, we may have patients that escalate into aggressive behavior. Aggression is distance increasing behavior. The fear that we are causing makes them more resistant to our handling. The use of positive reinforcement can greatly improve the patient’s visit. We can have better interactions with our canine patients when we take the time to read their body language and signaling. Then utilize management techniques that allow our staff to safely handle our canine patients while reducing fear and anxiety. The use of calming natural supplements and anxiolytic pharmaceuticals on our canine patients will also be discussed.

  • 1) Be able to read the dog's body language and signaling
  • 2) Learn several different techniques to safely handle dogs for veterinary procedures
  • 3) Learn about the use of natural supplements and pharmaceuticals to help reduce anxiety and stress
Wailani Sung, , Veterinary Behaviorist - San francisco SPCA